Age of Conan beta and multi-core problems

This thread helped fix some of my performance issues for the Age of Conan beta. I can play without the game slowly dying on me.

I have a lot of polish issues still, but at least I can honestly test the game now, instead of just watching it wither and die in front of me.

I’m not going to speculate what Funcom did or didn’t do to make multi-core processors have problems with their build, but I hope they fix it quick! I wonder how much smoother things might be if the client can take advantage of both cores.

I’ll write up more about my polish issues tomorrow, but I wanted to post this tonight in case it helps anyone else running multi-core and having problems. Thanks to pEpz on Keen’s blog for mentioning this in the comments!


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  1. Ha! I bet some team at Funcom is working furiously to try and figure out where they screwed up multithreading. Sounds like making things in the client work more orderly changes the timing of execution just slightly enough for the client to work. Hence it works for some and not all.

    This may also explain why people with better computers are experiencing more problems. It may all come down to bad threading code and race conditions.

  2. I remember when wow has problems at release with AMD 64bit cpu’s.

  3. Apparently, this wasn’t an issue on the PvP weekend, which is a newer code base than what’s being used right now. So, I’m hoping Funcom has this fixed already.

    What I can’t figure out is why you’d choose this older build of the client for beta.

  4. Rick, now that you can play the beta, can you comment on how lag affects the game play?

    On Keen’s blog there are a lot of comments regarding “button mashing”. Keen claims AoC is more button pressing than other MMO. Maybe I play differently, but I go nuts on my keyboard trying to hamstring in WoW because of lag, u never know exactly where the other player is. So I spam hamstring and twist a bit trying to hit.

    My fear is that lag will be the bane of AoC’s fighting system. Can you comment?

  5. I’m getting lag just fighting panthers and gorillas, with very few other people around. I’m guessing that bigger PvP will be impossible in this environment.

    I didn’t hear anyone complaining about it during the PvP weekend, so I do have hope that Funcom is going to figure out exactly what they screwed up, but there’s no way I’d even try to PvP at this point.

    Mythic’s biggest problem was managing huge battles. I don’t think Funcom wants to be on the cutting edge graphically for MMO’s, but I’m afraid they’re not considering what the lag is going to be like when there are dozens of people fighting each other.

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