Wanted: Polish for Age of Conan

I know the term is overused, but the concept is true. Everyone talked about Blizzard’s attention to detail, making sure everything felt right, making sure everything worked and everything made sense. “Polish” became the industry buzzword, and everyone started saying they had it.

I didn’t see it with WAR, and I haven’t seen it with Age of Conan. Let’s say they’ve got old code in there, and the lag and delays zoning are fixable. What about at level 6, when I have to run a quest to listen in on a conversation (which is teaching me how to use the Climbing skill), and I have a ladder I’m supposed to go down, but clicking the climb button while I face the ladder (and the white circle is around the ladder indicating I’m supposed to be able to mount the ladder) doesn’t do anything. I just stand there next to the ladder.

There’s no other way off of the spot I’m in. I can’t jump the railings, I can’t get on the ladder. There’s no way off the level I’m on, and it’s inexcusable. This is at level 6. I shouldn’t be running into things like this.

Maybe it’s the old code, maybe it’s the server not catching my commands somehow, but god, it feels so clunky. Three weeks before release, I was able to just play WoW without ever noticing basic game mechanics not working. I didn’t get question marks for items when I clicked on a vendor.

I’ll keep coming back, and I hope I get to write a “Wow! Funcom got it all straightened out! It’s awesome!” post, but I’m skeptical. I thought at one point tonight “Man, I’m glad I haven’t pre-ordered yet”.  That’s not a good sign.


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  1. I’m really sorry you’re having a bad time in the game. Kind of sucks to hear. I think I’ve had a slightly better time of it than you — I didn’t have problems with huge lagfests or having to wait minutes to zone, which I’m pretty grateful for. Maybe I was just lucky.

    What class are you playing, by the way? I’ve never come across the rope-climb-ladder quest you mentioned. (I’ve played all three priests, one to level 10, and the other two to 7 and have a level 5 — I think — dark templar.)

    I’m not enchanted by the game, but I do like some stuff they did. I think I’m still going to give it a go — my preorder doesn’t cost me anything (no charges til the game is shipped) so there’s that at least. I am feeling slightly … dare I say … a bit ‘eh’ on the game, though I don’t know if it’s truly the game itself or it’s just my usual reaction to MMO games these days.

    Every single MMO game I’ve tried playing for the past five months has been met with this ‘eh’ reaction. Maybe I’m tired of it all, I don’t know. I really, really hope I get to like this game better, because part of my excitement for it is playing with a really nice bunch of people, which I haven’t had the chance to do in a long while (last time was when I was raiding in WoW, which was a year ago).


  2. *I think I’m still going to give it a go — my preorder doesn’t cost me anything (no charges til the game is shipped) so there’s that at least.

    (which I meant as, “I can cancel the preorder and not worry about already spending five or ten bucks on it”)

  3. I actually enjoyed the gameplay, when it was working properly (which means before my client seemed to memory leak into not working properly). I’m hoping that part of my problems go away, as Funcom has said not everyone is experiencing it. I’ll feedback like crazy, hopefully something I submit helps.

    I’m playing a Ranger first. It’s a quest for Tina in Tortage, part of the storyline quest.

    I think it’s possible that Funcom can fix things and I’ll be excited about playing. I think before I played, though, I was expecting to buy it based on everything I had heard. Now I’m more cautious, but after all the good stuff Keen and Bildo have said, I do think there’s a good game in there somewhere, if I can get to it.

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