It seems my Age of Conan problem is…

…memory leaks. I wrote in my last post that I couldn’t climb down a ladder, like the server couldn’t process my commands. I restarted the client, and then I could move again.

I got to the next section of my quest, finding a slave handler in the Volcano instance. I got uncovered by an enemy, fought he and his friend off, and I couldn’t restealth. It wouldn’t drop me out of combat, even thought I didn’t have anyone aggroed. I restarted the client again, and I could stealth just fine.

I snuck a little further, got uncovered by more NPC’s, killed them, couldn’t stealth again. *sigh*

I saw a link in the comments of Keen’s post today, about what problems Funcom has seen, and what they’re working on. Glad they see ’em, glad they’re on ’em, not encouraged that they’re seeing this kind of problem a few weeks before release.

I filled out my feedback tonight, I’m going to go play something else for an hour before bed, something not quite so frustrating 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Awww… *sigh*… well I pre-ordered a while back and am reading your blogs to see how bad it really is. I’m not in any beta, never have been. Sounds like I will get to experience how beta game play feels on May 17th though.

  2. You know the real problem? They’re using an older version of the client in the Open Beta… when the Closed beta client is leagues ahead in terms of performance.

    Not a bright idea considering the backlash a poor performing client can receive these days.

  3. Oh here’s my post on the issue:

    Keen can confirm this too, as he’s now in the Closed Beta as well.

  4. I posted a comment on your blog, but my question is basically this; if the closed beta client performs better, what else might be wrong with it if they risked all this negative backlash with an older, buggier build?

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