Age of Conan: Beta performance

Holy cow, AoC is struggling mightily. It’s taking minutes upon minutes to load a new zone area. The server finally crashed on my last zoning attempt, and I’m hoping the earlier incredibly long zoning times were due to the server heading toward a crash.

It’s pretty much unplayable at this point. The game was OK when I was in my instanced starting zone, but as soon as I zoned into a place with other players, performance suffered, then died.

I’m not going to read too much into it, since it’s a beta. Hopefully Funcom’s getting information they need to tune the servers before launch in three weeks. However, I do tend to compare the state of a game to other betas I’ve been in, and this seems in fairly rough shape at the moment. World of Warcraft was pretty much perfect for me three weeks before launch. I didn’t encounter anything major during open beta there. AoC seems awfully ambitious. I hope they haven’t bitten off more than they can chew.

If they don’t fix the zoning issues, there’s no way I’m playing the game. I left zoning behind back in EQ. I have no desire to wait 5 minutes for a new zone to load. The only reason I could stand the zoning in WoW was because it was so quick; plus, their zoning was very limited. Instances, the Stormwind/Ironforge tram, crossing the ocean, and what else? I really hope Funcom hasn’t chosen to make a game that requires a lot of zoning between areas.

I’ll try to be patient, though. I know it’s beta. They’re also on a deadline, though. It should be interesting to watch.


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    Any comments on that Rick? All those zoning issues because it’s an older client they’re running and so forth. Combine that with needing an uber computer n’ so forth – maybe that’s why zoning takes forever n’ and age?

  2. I think that Funcom might be testing a lot of things that we’re not aware of, and maybe they had good reason to throw an older client out there for testing. That said, Funcom is now in the position of having to convince me that their game is going to be stable at launch.

    I commented on Keen’s post that after the PvP weekend writeups, I was excited by what I heard. That excitement is replaced with caution now. I’ll wait and see what the next couple weeks bring, and what Funcom has to say.

  3. You have to take these open beta’s with a grain of salt.
    especially when aoc is pushing the graphical limitations of mmo’s.

    I usually wait a week or 2 after release before joining one just to avoid the server crashes, lag issues that almost certainly will happen.

    I noticed alot of people complaing about the instancing in aoc. so i posted some of my thoughts on instancing in general on my blog.

    If you get a chance i’d like to know how you feel about instancing in aoc. oh and i left a comment on your gax wall about if you were in beta, this post obiously answered that 🙂

  4. I gotta say, I don’ t really need an MMO that’s pushing the graphical limitations.

    I’ve griped a bit about Mythic’s choices for WAR, thinking the graphics are kind of lame, but one thing Mythic knows is how a PvP mmorpg starts to lag when you’ve got 100 people onscreen with different armor sets that need to load. If Conan can’t run at medium settings with a gig of video RAM in SLI, I shudder to think what it’s going to be like during a huge battle.

    I’ll take it with a grain of salt for now. Keen’s said he’s seen better code, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Tonight has been abysmal, though.

  5. […] and that there are prone to be all sorts of problems and bugs and crashes and whatnot, but if the visceral reaction they have to a game is frustration at buggy quests or having to wrestle with it just to […]

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