No NDA for the Age of Conan open beta

I received an email an hour ago from Funcom which, among other things, states the following:

Since there is no NDA on the Open Beta you are completely free to speak about your experiences in public, and you can also take screenshots and videos should you wish to.

Sweet! Now I don’t have to worry about anything I say. The start time for the open beta has been pushed back to 2200 GMT, so I won’t be able to get in until later this evening (real life stuff going on for the next few hours), but I did download the latest patches Funcom pushed out this afternoon. I’m happy to report my download speeds were between 500k and 1mb/sec, and the patches came flying down.

I haven’t yet found where you can toggle blood and nudity options, and I still can’t rebind my keys, but I suspect that’s me missing something obvious. Off to the forums to see if it’s happening to anyone else!

*edit* Key binding is done per character, once the character is selected. There are a lot of threads about the violence and nudity toggles, but no solid information that I’ve found yet. I’m guessing that will also be in the video settings in-game.

By the way, the video problem I referred to in an earlier post was a black screen when the game launched. I could hear the music and I could tell by the sounds that the company splash screens were playing, but all I could see was the cursor for AoC. Everything else was black.

In \Program Files\Funcom\IGN Beta Event, there’s a SimpleConfig.exe you can run. If you set the graphics to the lowest setting, the client will run and you can see everything. You can then reset the resolution once you enter the game, and supposedly it’ll stick at the higher resolution. I haven’t gotten to test that yet, I’ll let you know how it goes!


4 Responses

  1. “I haven’t yet found where you can toggle blood and nudity options”

    Is this to turn stuff off for your daughter? Get better with your illness so you can post more on AoC soon :).

  2. Don’t think he wants to turn it off just so she could play — he’s commented before that he isn’t going to let her. 🙂 I think it’s more for the fact that the computers are in a central living space and he’d rather have the filters in case she wakes up when he’s playing and walks by. Or something. 🙂

  3. I’m fairly certain (though not without the game in front of me) that it’s in the interface options. But just check out video options too. There’s a section labeled Gore that includes nudity as well.

    I’ll check again this weekend if the closed beta servers remain up long enough for me to. 😛

  4. I actually feel asleep reading Nancy Drew to my daughter last night, and didn’t get back to playing Conan.

    I’ve seen a couple notes that the toggles were removed for the open beta, so you’re actually not able to remove violence or nudity, but that’s forum speculation with no confirmation. I know I haven’t seen it in any of the interface options or video options, but I might just be missing it. I’ll be looking this weekend too 🙂

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