Lots of searches for Christians and GTA

Since I posted about the GTA IV banner ad over on Gamepraise, I’ve had a bunch of new search hits.  WordPress lists the top 10 search terms that people used to get to your blog in your blog stats. In the last two days, I’ve had eight different searches land on my page.

– christian gta
– christian gamers playing grand theft aut
– grand theft auto iv christian
– gta iv christian review, christian review gta iv, and christian gta iv review
– christians + gta iv (equals…I’m not sure, but I’m imagining dogs and cats and streets).
– bible + gta iv

Who’s searching this out? I can’t imagine GTA IV gamers, even Christian gamers, combining those two search terms. Maybe there are Christians concerned with GTA IV and they want to see if there are any reviews based on their faith, that makes sense. I can’t figure out “bible +gta IV”, though. What the heck were they trying to find? I could almost understand “bible as weapon +gta IV”. I could imagine Rockstar letting you club someone with a Gideon’s Bible from a motel bedside table.

Maybe people are just curious if there’s outrage over GTA IV? Is it just Christians? I’m going to include the worlds “Jewish and GTA IV” and “Muslim and GTA IV” here, just to see if I can find anyone searching for the other two big religions and the biggest game of the year.



3 Responses

  1. Actually, there probably are christian groups dedicated to GTA. A friend of mine is in a Christian group dedicated to Counter Strike and Team Fortress 2, so it would surprise me in the least.

  2. “bible as weapon +gta IV”… ROFLMAO

  3. Just wrote something about Grand Theft Auto IV, from the perspective of a Christian who thinks that having played this game for a few hours now, that a lot of Christians would do well to play GTA4 because it confronts them with their own sense of righteousness…


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