An Eve-related video that’s full of win

I was catching up on my blog reading and stumbled across this gem on Ander’s Eve Pirate blog. I’m sure those who still regularly check out Eve blogs have already seen it, but I know there are a few former Eve players reading who might have missed this. And it’s too good to miss.

Short summary: One of the Goons sings “Let It Be”, with Eve-related lyrics and epic stop-motion action.

When you find yourself inside a bubble, hold your cloak and wait for me
always follow orders little bee
And in your hours of darkness, you will hear instructions come from me
always follow orders, little bees

Normally I’d link directly to the YouTube clip, but I would have missed this if it wasn’t for Ander, so he gets the link. Thanks! I’m going to be singing this all night long, and laughing. There’s really nothing like the Goons of Eve in any other mmorpg.

Link out to a thread about it on the Eve-O forums here.


2 Responses

  1. I … I don’t know what to say. OMG. So funny.

  2. Okay, I accidentally submitted the comment before I was finished. I was going to say that not only is the video well-made with regards to its stop-motion shooting, but the guy has a really nice voice to boot!

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