The Guild: Best Youtube Ever

There’s a good chance I’m months behind on noticing The Guild, a series of short videos about 6 seriously dysfunctional guildmates playing an mmorpg. It’s uncomfortably hilarious , like watching Larry David, or Jason Alexander as George Costanza, completely embarassing themselves in a public or semi-public forum.

The stories and the jokes are spot-on, revealing all the scary details you suspect might lurk behind the online personas of some of your more “dedicated” guildmates. This is why I fear Teamspeak, why I only use my first name on this blog, and why my wife suspects that my hobby isn’t quite the same as golfing or fishing.

I just sat and watched episodes 1-9 during my lunch break and enjoyed every minute of it. Episode 9 ends on a nice cliff-hanger, and I’m totally subscribing so I can find out what happens in episode 10 when it’s released. Most of the episodes do a perfect job of setting up a situation and resolving it, only to leave something else unfinished for the segue to the next episode.

The sound and editing and all the behind the scenes work is also really well done. Sorry if I’m months behind on the Internet Cool scale, but I couldn’t let it pass without mentioning it, in case other people who wander by here haven’t seen it yet.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for writing about the show! It’s no judgement that you just found us, we’re just glad you’re watching now!
    Felicia (Codex)

  2. You’re welcome! My wife, who’s absolutely not a gamer but watches me play all the time, sat here tonight laughing out loud as she watched all the episodes in order. I get to laugh at your brillant show. She gets to laugh at your show, AND at me 🙂

  3. Hehe thanks a lot. I love the fact that gamers and non-gamers can enjoy the humor. 🙂

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