Thief on Gametap: Update

Yep, now I can play Thief: Deadly Shadows on Gametap without getting the spinning CD icon glued to my mouse icon. The fix I googled yesterday worked fine last night. Here’s the text of the problem from the Gametap support site.

When attempting to load the game Thief, GameTap minimizes and a spinning CD icon appears next to your mouse. This is due to an issue with Securom which can have multiple causes.

The first suggested solution is to take any CD’s out of your CD/DVD drive. Sure enough, I had a Photoshop CS 3 video CD in the drive. I took it out, fired up Gametap, clicked on Thief, and it launched correctly. I played for a couple of hours with no problems. If you’ve found this blog by searching for fixes for this problem (I’m seeing quite a few searches about this in my blog stats), there are more suggestions in the link above if you didn’t have a CD or DVD in your drive.

I’m amused that I couldn’t play a legally free game because of a Securom copy protection problem. Ironic, eh?

I’ll pop up some thoughts about the game in another post. I’ve been thinking about expectations for games, and how playing a game years after its release might change my perspective.


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