Gametap and Thief: Deadly Shadows

I love the internet. I started a new post here, ready to deliver a little bad news about Gametap. I haven’t been able to get Thief: Deadly Shadows to launch from Gametap. Thief 3 is one of about a half dozen games from the Gametap free-to-play list that I was interested in trying. Each time I launched it, I’d get a spinning CD icon at my mouse pointer, and the game wouldn’t launch. Even if I killed Gametap from the Task Manager, I’d still have the spinning CD icon until I rebooted my PC.

Before I started complaining about it here, I figured I should at least do a quick Google search to see if this was a known issue. Sure enough, there’s a fix for the problem listed in Gametap’s customer service pages. I’m going to try the suggestions tonight and see if it fixes the problem.

I’m old enough to still be occasionally surprised by the amount of information available at my fingertips. I can still remember, as a kid, when a weekly trip to the library was the extent of my ability to research anything beyond what was available in my Encyclopedia Brittanica at home.  And I’ve suffered through enough poor support or customer service to be thankful when a solution for a problem is available through a quick search.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Google returned a solution that actually works! That part of the story isn’t written yet 🙂 But hopefully I’ll be sneaking around in Thiefly goodness later this evening. If not, I can certainly jump right back into Colin McRae Rally 2005, which has had my attention for the past few nights. It really is a brilliant racing game, especially when it’s available for free on Gametap.


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