Shocking game announcements

Wow. No pun intended. Blizzard makes a ton of game announcements, and Turbine makes one as well. Why today, I wonder? Hmm.

First, a new hero class for the WoW Lich King expansion. The bard, with full Guitar Hero capability. Awesome.

Next up, Cows In Space. Introducing the Tauren Space Marine. Yes, there is a cow level!

And for the old school gaming crowd, you’ve got to check out the new Molten Core for consoles trailers. Epic win. Who says 40 man raids are PC-only? Has sound!

Not to be outdone by cow levels, Turbine announces the Battle of Amon Hen. I’ve done the chicken quests in LOTRO, but I can’t wait to actually level one up.

Well played.


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