Best $5 ever

So I’ve been playing Prey all weekend after buying it on Steam for $4.95. If Valve keeps offering deals like this, I’m going to be one seriously happy customer.

I’ve been out of the FPS loop for years now. The only FPS I’ve played, I think, is HL2 and some of the expansions. Prey is no Half-Life, but I don’t think that’s an insult. Prey has some cool ideas, like portals, and messing with gravity to make some environmental puzzles, and there’s lots of things exploding, and aliens. Who doesn’t like explosions and aliens? I don’t want to do a review of a game that’s a year and a half old, but I will say that for $4.95, it’s a great value.

There are plenty of games on Steam for under $20.00, and enjoying Prey this much means I’ll be looking for more bargains. I like that Steam links the metascore for each title from Metacritc; it helps me figure out what titles are worth checking out. The Prey metascore was 83 (7.6 from user voting), and the comments for the games I’ve checked out seem fairly balanced.

It’s totally possible I’m preaching to the choir here. I apologize if the rest of y’all knew all along that Steam has come a long way since launch. It just took a little while for me to realize that between my growing annoyance with retail chains, and my appreciation for what Valve has done,I’ve reached a tipping point. I’ll probably be looking to download software first, and purchase it in a brick-and-mortar chain store second.

That makes me sad, in a way. I spent many hours of my life wandering through video game stores, reliving old game memories and dreaming about new ones. I was down in South Philly the other day getting my taxes done, and I got a cup of coffee at a shop next to a Gamestop. Out of habit, I walked up to the door of the store, but I saw the PS3 ads, the Xbox ads, the used game advertisements, and I realized it’s not a store for me any more. I turned around at the door, plugged in my mp3 player, fired up the GFW podcast and headed for home. Steam’s my new girlfriend.


3 Responses

  1. I love you and want to have your babies.

    I’d given this game up for dead. Ever since I last did a Windows reinstall some years ago, it had just stopped working, with the spinning disc cursor. Some searching about on the web told me that it was a SecureRom problem, but I’d never found anywhere that had a fix for it.


    (Suffice to say, I very much enjoyed all three games in the Thief series. Looking forward to reading your impressions.)

  2. Odd…seem to have commented to the wrong post – this was meant to be the Thief on Gametap one. Stoopid internet…

  3. I’m happy I managed to help! Consider it a karmic reward for how much I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the past couple years. I certainly didn’t know you had this problem, but I’m glad that I could be of assistance, even unknowingly.

    I’ve got comment issues with this WordPress theme, I fear. I don’t think it was you. I get odd behaviors when I click on posts to check comments; sometimes I see comments from the /about page, or another post.

    I also don’t like the way the comments start way below the side bars. I have to experiment with different themes to see if I can solve that, and the commenting issue as well. I’m a bit afraid of what I’ll break, but I’m getting annoyed with the layout and commenting issues.

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