Prey: $4.95 weekend-only deal on Steam

I rarely talk about FPS games here, but they were a long addiction for me in the mid 90’s; Doom, Quake, Quake 2, Half-Life and various mods all got a lot of play time in our offices.

I’ve been meaning to write a post about Steam and how much I love it (after hating it along with most of the rest of the planet when it released). I’ve gotten a couple great casual games from it, for bargain prices (Peggle and Audiosurf), there’s a long list of game that I want to play in the Steam library, and they’re adding more things all the time.

There was an update in the Steam news tonight saying Prey is on sale for $4.95 for the weekend. How can you pass that up? I bought it and started the download when I went to read to my daughter before she went to bed, and now I’m back with the game waiting for me, ready to play. Who needs Gamestop? And that’s another rant for the future, maybe along with the Steam post: I friggin’ hate Gamestop.

I’m off to blow things up!


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  1. […] today to see if they were going to have another weekend special like last week’s $4.95 Prey offer. I didn’t see any announcement, but I did notice Far Cry is $8.95, and Splinter Cell is […]

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