Still loving LOTRO

A month or so into Lord of the Rings Online, and I’m still enjoying myself, much more than I expected. I have a hobbit minstrel who’s level 23, and a Man captain at level 13. I had to make an alt because I needed bank space and someone to boil my hides for my hobbit tailor 🙂

(Side note: The human race is called Man, and it cracks me up when I see a human female denoted as Man. Is there something I should know? Is it drag night at the Forsaken Inn?)

Part of my enjoyment comes from stumbling into a good guild…err, kinship. I’m not a terribly social person in-game, and I think I was lucky to find a group of players who have created a good community. Also, I’m playing a healing class as my main for the first time in my gaming career, and I suppose that helps greatly when it comes to finding groups.

Groups have been easy to come by, even when kinship folk aren’t available. There’s plenty of incentive for people to run a quest they’ve finished if they’re in the area, because it helps complete deeds killing mobs. Grouping makes the game much more enjoyable. I can make progress solo, but Turbine has done a good job making groups desirable and viable. Plus, the major instances and storyline quests are a lot of fun.

I’m excited about saving for a house, even more than saving for a horse. It’s been a long time since I had a place I could call my own in a game…back in the SWG and DAoC games, pretty much. Crafting has been fun and useful (I’m a tailor, cook, and farmer, and I’m making food that certainly helps keep my regen up).  I’ve even made a bit of cash in the Auction House, although I’m pretty much at a loss as to what things are worth. I’m sure I’m handing out some deals to people who are wiser about the market than I, but as long as I’m making money too, I’m not too concerned.

Some of the higher level people in my kinship are into Monster Play (the LOTRO PvP option, where you can play as an NPC monster against players in an instanced PvP zone), and it seems like they’re having a lot of fun. Some of the kinship plays as monsters, while others play as their own characters, so you can square off against your guildmates…err, your kin, I guess. I still can’t get used to the guild/kinship and group/fellowship shorthand. It’s pretty clear I’m new when I start talking about my group or my guild. So, I’ve got lots of PvE stories ahead of me, and PvP when I get to higher levels (I could start now, but I want to get to 50), and then the Mines of Moria next fall…who knows, this might keep me interested for much longer than I thought it would.

I look forward to logging in each day. It’s been quite a while since I could say that about a mmorpg.


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