No WAR for you, six months!

Mark Jacobs talks about the Warhammer Online delay until Fall ’08 over at the Warhammer Alliance message boards (the first post, by mbj, is Mark).

I’m in the WAR beta, and I’m glad they’re holding back. I won’t talk about the details of the beta and why I’m glad, other than to say it didn’t feel like a “world” to me yet. In fact, I ended up logging into LOTRO a lot of nights, instead of feeling excited about going to test WAR. And I’m a huge Mythic fan, and loved DAoC.

I understand that I haven’t seen the complete WAR game world yet. Their focused testing is a good idea, for both balance reasons, and to keep us feeling like we haven’t played the whole game yet. Part of not feeling like I was part of a world, in the way I feel like I’m a “citizen” of LOTRO, or how I felt about DAoC or SWG, was the structure of the testing.

Given that focused testing in WAR, I can’t unequivocally state that the Warhammer universe feels too much like just a game, and not enough like a world.Maybe I’ll have a greater sense of a world, and a community, when the entire game is released, with all the races and classes available. Or maybe not. Hell, Mythic might be shooting directly for the “more of a game” concept. It IS all about war, after all. Not a lot of cuddly “decorate your house” evenings happenin’ while your lands are being invaded, right? Maybe they’re counting on the Warhammer IP to provide all the “world” players will need. And who knows? It might be enough, when I’ve picked a permanent server and I’m running around with friends, and I’m getting to know my enemies as well. That’s a big part of what I enjoyed about DAoC. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but I’m also hoping that Mythic has sensed at least part of what I’m feeling, and I’ll be pleasantly surprised next fall. In the mean time, I’ll happily keep running through Middle Earth, enjoying LOTRO far more than I expected to enjoy it.

If I’m still enjoying LOTRO next fall, I have to wonder if I’ll stay in Middle Earth for the Mines of Moria expansion, or if I’ll buy WAR. The WAR delay definitely gives LOTRO the chance to get some more hooks in me. I might have a tough decision.

More about LOTRO in another post, though.

What do you think? Did you play in the beta? Were you ready for it to be released? Are you happy they delayed it? If you played the beta, were you planning on purchasing Warhammer? I think I was going to purchase it, but enjoying LOTRO so much certainly was keeping me on the fence. I’m sure I’d crumble come release day for WAR, though 🙂 I do love Mythic, and I hope they have a clear idea of where they want WAR to be in six months.

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