Robbery at Eve University

My corporation was robbed last Friday, November 16th. I didn’t know about it until I saw a mail from our diplomat, Kelduum Revaan, which was a link to an internal forum post. There’s an external link on the Eve-O forums that covers the details, or at least everything the directors wanted to release.

I don’t know how this ranks in the annals of Eve corporate theft. I suspect there have been bigger heists (Kelduum called it a relatively high level corp theft), but three billion isk in assets is still a significant haul. It’ll take a while for the university to earn that back.

This is exactly the kind of event you can expect in Eve. If you let your guard down or make a mistake, you’re most likely going to pay for it. There’s little mercy in Eve. That said, the perpetrator will also be hunted by E-Uni, if he’s stupid enough to ever show his face again. I’d suspect this is either an alt of a long-time player who’s just looking for weakness, or an enterprising new player who saw an opportunity and took it. I’d be surprised if that character is long for this world…the money is most likely laundered and the character deleted.

While I hold a grudge against the person who committed the crime, it’s a game and I don’t take it any more personally than I take getting killed in battle. The person I really feel bad for, though, is the director who accidentally granted too much access to someone who hadn’t earned it. The directors in E-Uni do a ton of work for new players in Eve, and they’re some of the nicest and most giving people I’ve met playing mmorpg’s. They’re not paid, and they’re probably overworked. With over 1000 people in the corporation, it can’t be easy keeping track of who should have access to what. They must feel terrible over what was an honest mistake, but if I know one thing about Eve, there will be plenty of people who have benefited from the efforts of the teachers and directors in Eve University who will want to chip in and pay back some of the lost 3 billion isk. Not to mention the corp members themselves; I’d bet there will be some mining ops in the future to refill the corp coffers.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss, corp thefts are nasty on 2 levels- loss of ISK/ capital, and loss of trust. Not good 😦

    However, your blog is excellent, i enjoy reading it!

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