Damn it CCP, stop spending so much time on movies and interviews and screenshots and wallpaper and just release Trinity! Yes, I love how my Minmatar battleship will look in Trinity. Yes, I saw how cool the Rifter (or was that Jaguar? Or a Wolf?) looked in the trailer, and I want one now. Yes, I’m trying to decide which wallpaper will grace my widescreen monitor as I sit and pine for THE ACTUAL EXPANSION. Bastards. Stop teasing me!

On a somewhat related note, I think it would be funny if CCP released little trailer videos showing what each new ship looks like when it explodes. I mean, really, I spend quite a bit of time watching my ships blow up. I’d like some reassurance that excellent new explosions will somehow ease the pain of re-purchasing, refitting and re-insuring.

No date on the release, but it’s supposed to be soon, as in before the end of the year. I think? These shiny graphics make me confused, sort of like when an attractive woman actually speaks to me and any information I previously remembered flees my mind like a shuttle flees a gate camp. I really don’t know how I managed to marry. I suppose it had something to do with tequila, to be honest. There’s a brief window that opens when I drink tequila, somewhere between stuttering shyness and stumbling incoherence, where I’m apparently witty and charming. I point to the wedding ring on my finger as proof it happened once. I’m not sure it’d work so well again, and my wife probably wouldn’t appreciate me trying to prove my hypothesis.

I’ll just stick to gin and flying spaceships, thank you very much. At least when the fireworks start after a couple too many Sapphire and tonics, they’re virtual fireworks. Friends, don’t let friends mine drunk.


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