Battleship down

I’m not the kind of person to write a blog post every time I lose a ship. I’ve lost plenty of ships in the past, trying to do too much in missions, or making mistakes like aggroing too many at once, or stubbornly trying to take out “just one more ship” before I warp to safety.

However, losing my first battleship is a little more serious than the loss of a frigate or cruiser. I’ve been exceptionally careful running level 3 missions in my battlecruiser (a T2 fitted Hurricane), and the same was true in my Tempest. I didn’t have a full T2 fit for the battleship (I can’t fit a T2 tank and T2 weapons), but the T2 tank still cost a decent amount of isk.

If you’re running missions by trial and error, and you’re not a highly skilled player (that’s me!), Eve Survival is invaluable. The list of walkthroughs for the missions include what ships will trigger reinforcements. In level 3 and 4 missions, triggering too many reinforcements is a death knell. Well, not so much in level 3, you can usually warp out if you’re smart enough to keep aligned with a celestial object. Level 4 missions include ships that will warp scramble, though, so sometimes, like today, warping out is not an option.

I was running the third stage of Enemies Abound, and I made a stupid mistake. I read the Eve Survival writeup, I knew that there are trigger ships to summon more reinforcements, and I got confused and shot one anyway. To compound the problem, some of the ships on that mission didn’t show up on my Overview, so another wave appeared without me realizing it, and by the number of ships on the screen, it appears I probably triggered two waves of reinforcements. I was also warp scrambled, and the results were predictable.

Flying into Jita in a pod, your wallet full of insurance money, is kind of like walking home drunk because you couldn’t find your car. Everyone knows you messed up. They just don’t know the details yet.

I’m only out about 10 million isk after buying a new battleship (another Tempest) and fitting it out (another T2 tank), so it’s not a terribly expensive lesson. Still, the stakes are higher running level 4’s than they were running level 3’s.

I’m not complaining; it’s a lot of fun to warp into a deadspace knowing that all hell’s about to break loose. There’s a little bit of a learning curve before I can feel confident I’ll eventually be flying back out of there in something other than a pod 🙂

Oh, and Kirith, if you’re reading this, Scout Drones V will be finishing up this week, and I’ll be skilling up Tech 2 drones. I’ve got the Gallente and Caldari drone skillbooks in the hangar. Although, I think the drones were the ones to shoot the trigger ship before I was ready…tricky to manage. I want a passive setting, where they wouldn’t attack unless I specifically tell them to attack. Until that happens, though, I’ll just have to be even more careful.


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  1. Yeah, drones can be a pain to manage. I tend to rely on them for close in defense and then call them back to the drone bay until the end of the mission when I know I’m safe and want to kill the battleships faster.

    And I read every post, RSS feeds FTW! So post more! 😉

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