Eve under OSX/Leopard, update

I’ve been playing quite a bit of Eve on the Leopard partition of my Macbook Pro since the release on Tuesday. I don’t really have any serious complaints. The touchpad problem remains. If I don’t use a mouse, it’s very difficult to use 2 fingers on the touchpad for scrolling up and down in my inventory, or zooming in and out on my ship in space. It’s fine with a mouse. I’ve monkeyed around with the touchpad setting in Leopard, trying to dial down the sensitivity, but it doesn’t seem to be making any difference in-game. If I’m doing any combat, I’ll either need to be on the Windows side, or using a mouse. Like I said in an earlier post, this is a pretty small quibble.

Eve on the Mac side does run considerably cooler than the XP partition. I see a few graphics glitches (a ring in a planet will have a straight edge at the top, occasional flashes that I don’t see on the Windows side), but the graphics seem a bit sharper in the Mac client. Graphics are in the eye of the beholder, though, and I’m usually pretty un-critical when it comes to graphics.

I haven’t had any crashes yet, knock on wood. Things seem exceedingly stable so far.

The only other oddity I’ve noticed is the initial password screen. Even after I adjusted the game resolution, it didn’t affect the password splash screen. That’s still appearing at like 800×600. As soon as I log in, it adjusts to the proper resolution. This doesn’t happen on the XP side of things. Again, minor quibble, it’ll probably be addressed in a patch in the future. I don’t even care about the splash screen, but I do hope they have a solution for the touchpad being so jumpy on the Mac client.

Whoever made the icons for Eve on the Mac client did a nice job. Rounded corners, nice job on the logo and planet behind the logo. It looks good in the Apple key/Tab menu when I’m switching applications.


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  1. Hey Rick,

    Been a long tome since your last post. Hope all is alright and that you’ll be back to your regular schedule soon.

    Fly Safe!

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