Level 4 missions

After spending a long time flying my battlecruiser, a Hurricane, training up Tech 2 armor tanking skills and Tech 2 medium artillery, I’ve finally trained Minmatar battleships. I had heard from my corp that it made sense to train up my T2 tanking skills while running the battlecruiser before I made the jump to a battleship. I may have taken their advice too seriously and waited a little too long, but after spending more than half my cash assets on buying, fitting and insuring one battleship, I’m glad I can fit a serious tank on it.

I bought a Tempest. My missile skills are lower than my projectile skills, so the Typhoon didn’t make as much sense, and my shield tanking skills aren’t as good as my armor skills, so the Maelstrom is out until I do some more training. The Tempest seems like a good fit for my current skills. I tested it out on some level 3 missions and absolutely leveled everything, so last night I ventured out for my first level 4.

I waited so long to move to level 4 that I found a quality 18 L4 agent who’s already at 9.5 with me because of all the work I’ve done for their corporation. My first mission was Cargo Delivery, which I read up on at Eve Survival. Big thumbs up to Chepe Nolon for the site, it’s invaluable. The first room was fine, I barely broke a sweat, but the second room with 6 battleships was more interesting. I had to warp out once, after only taking out 2 battleships, but I managed to get through the rest of the room in one shot after warping back in.

I had around 230 million isk in the bank when I bought the Tempest, fitted it, and insured it. I was down to 100 million when I left the station for that first level 4. Gotta say, it made my hands a little shaky taking an investment like that into the middle of six battleships. Shaky in a good way, it was a lot of fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Raking in half-million isk bounties on the BS’s, plus some pretty nice loot and salvage, make the investment seem worthwhile. It’ll be nice if I get myself back to the 250 million isk mark before I lose my first BS, but we’ll see…I hear horror stories of warp scrambling NPC’s and smoking wrecks of battleships. Ahh well, the insurance payout will cover my ship and mods…although I’d be 30 million isk down on the platinum insurance level.

I guess I really just need to make back 30 million to be even, but hopefully with the help of the Eve Survival guides (warp scramblers must die!!), I’ll do a whole lot better than that.

Moving into battleships is almost the last in a long list of tasks I gave myself before I moved out to 0.0. With my first level 4 under my belt, I think it’s time to start making my lists, checking them twice, getting in touch with my old DAoC friends in 0.0 and getting prepared to move. I’m 11 months on this character (with a couple months lost to real life), 9.5 million skill points in, and it seems like a good time to make the move.

Flying an expensive ship against real people will really scare the hell out of me ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m thinkin’ I’ll stick to cruisers and assualt frigates until I get my feet solidly underneath me out there.


3 Responses

  1. What drones are you packing with 75m3 drone bay? I lost a battleship to a mission when my drone skills were poor. I then upgraded my drone skills to fly 5 T2 medium drones and they provide the close in support to make sure I never get left high and dry again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m flying 5 mediums, but I’m not at T2 yet. That’s a good point, though, I don’t need much more training in Drones to make T2 available. 4 days of Scout Drone V and then the associated racial drone skills for each damage type, and I’m in business.

    What did you use in your Launcher slots? I can’t decide if I should be using Cruise missiles, Heavies, Heavy Assaults…I guess it depends somewhat on the ships I’m facing.

  3. Welcome back! Missed reading your blog…….

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