Captured by pirates

Well, ok, not really captured by pirates, but it sounds better than “captured by real life”.

I’ve been playing Eve pretty regularly since my last update, but most of my time has been taken up by being a dad and being a student. I’m taking a graduate course this semester, and I’ve got a ton of reading and writing to do. Things are starting to wind down (just need to knock out one more 15 page paper, one class presentation on the paper and a final in the next month…yeah, winding down), and I’ve been dying to get back to blogging about Eve and mmorpg’s.

I haven’t changed corporations since my last update. I’m still flying with Eve University, although I think my time with them is nearing an end. I’ve been with the corp 11 months and almost 10 million skill points. I’m finally in a battleship, sporting a T2 tank and headed for T2 guns, and I think it’s time to take up an offer from some old DAoC friends and make a 0.0 move. It’s always been my intention to move out of Empire and live in 0.0, but I’m something of an obsessive planner and made these imaginary goals in my head before I’d contemplate the move. Be able to fly a battleship, run level 4 missions, fit Tech 2 guns and tanks…check. I’ve still got a few items on the 0.0 list, but I’m cleaning up the hangar, selling off or refining my old mods, making sure I have plenty of money in the bank…I’m planning on losing some ships out there ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s so much going on in the Eve world! As I’m typing this, the servers are down for the Trinity upgrade. I cannot wait to see the new graphics, and I’m totally excited about playing Eve natively on my MacbookPro. I just upgraded to Leopard on the Mac, and I’ve got the Eve .dmg file sitting on my desktop ready to go when the servers are up later this morning. Or later today. Or sometime tonight, or tomorrow, whenever things stabilize ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve had very few problems running Eve in Windows XP on the Mac, under Boot Camp, but the laptop gets very hot. I’m hoping it’s a few degrees cooler on the Mac side. World of Warcraft doesn’t make my machine nearly as hot on the Mac side as Eve and other games I run on the XP partition.

I’ll be back later today or tonight with an update about running Eve in Leopard.


2 Responses

  1. Hey, it’s just a small patch with Revelations 2.3 for mac really. Trinity upgrade will be later this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Bah! I logged in this morning all excited, only to realize that nothing had changed. I don’t know how I combined Trinity with the Mac and Linux versions, but I did.

    Well, at least the downtime ended on schedule! Thanks for the correction, Nuyan.

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