Moment of silence for ISD

Crazykinux  posted a link to an article about CCP re-organizing their Eve support, announced in their Dev Blog on the 21st of this month.

 The Inquirer article makes it sound fairly dramatic and perhaps detrimental to Eve’s players. The Dev Blog post makes it sound like a normal re-organization for a growing corporation. The truth is probably between those two points somewhere.

Whatever the reason for the change and whatever the long-term effect, I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who volunteered for the ISD project. When I started playing Eve last fall, I was amazed by the ISD volunteers who staffed the Rookie channel. They patiently answered everyone’s questions, never seeming to get tired of hearing the same questions, treating every player with respect and dignity. Without the Rookie channel, and without the ISD volunteers, I have no idea if Eve would have caught my attention. To see people that dedicated to both the game and the community caught my attention, and I realized there must be something unique about Eve to create that sort of atmosphere.

The ISD volunteers also pointed me and a host of other new gamers toward Eve University, which is another unique and marvelous organization. I have to believe that part of Eve’s growth and success is due to people like ISD and the E-Uni faculty. Without that sort of assistance, I think the subtle beauty of Eve might be lost on people more used to in-your-face gaming.

I hope the STAR group, who CCP said is taking over the Rookie channel and new player help roles, will be up to the challenge. They have big shoes to fill. I hope the folks from ISD find other places where their passion and knowledge can continue to add to the Eve community. Good luck, folks. I really appreciated your contributions to the game.


2 Responses

  1. I’m a bit sad about Aurora espescially. I hope CCP will turn it into something good..

    Interesting topic about it:

  2. I raise my glass to all ISD volunteers, past and present. Fly safe and Thanks for all the help!

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