Eve on a Mac, Part 2

My post about playing Eve on my MacBook Pro, via Boot Camp, is the post that gets the most hits on the site. Some combination of Eve, Mac and OSX is among the Google search hits that bring people here as well.

In case that trend continues, I figured I should write a short update. Last night, I started to experience crashes playing both Titan Quest and Eve. Eve actually corrupted and I got an error message suggesting I reinstall the client.

Before I did that, I figured I should check to see if there were any new drivers at the ATI site (the MacBook Pro has a Radeon X1600 video card). The first time I installed the drivers, they all came from a disk that’s created during the Boot Camp install. On the ATI site, you might A) think you should install Windows XP drivers, and B) miss the scroll bar that hides drivers for Apple Boot Camp/Windows XP.

I’ve installed them and reinstalled the Eve client. I’m not sure if it’s really fixed, but I can launch the game without crashing, at least. Hopefully this is a one-time thing, I’m really enjoying playing on the MacBook.


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