Back from the beach

It’s good to be home. We had a blast all week long and god knows, I needed the break, but it’s nice to be back in our own place again.

And it’s nice to have internet access again! There was a cafe with internet access, but we always seemed to be busy during the day and I didn’t make time for an internet fix. I guess that means I was having fun 🙂 Plus, the weather was perfect and I really didn’t need to kill any time.

 That doesn’t mean I didn’t game, though. I picked up Titan Quest before leaving last weekend, and it was a perfect vacation choice. After the kids passed out after a long day at the beach, I could have a couple beers and disappear into a near-perfect Diablo clone. Titan Quest is a non-stop loot-fest. Lots of killing…ok, pretty much all killing…and lots of loot. The story is fairly linear, but the plot elements move pretty quickly, so there’s a thinly-veiled reason for all the killing and looting. The skill trees all look like fun, and there’s a way to respec your skill points if you want to try another branch of the tree. I’m a Nature specced character with two wolf pets, supported by some skills in the Storm skill tree. I can Death is a minor inconvenience, so you can experiment quite a bit with strategies.

 This is another PC game I’m playing on my MacBook Pro without a hitch. I see some occassional graphic glitches, like tree shadows displaying incorrectly, and I had one lockup that made me reboot, but overall it’s been solid and performs really well. I get slight slowdowns in larger fights, but I think that has as much to do with the areas as it does the MacBook. Some areas with just as many monsters don’t lag, so it seems to be coding, rather than the system. I’d have to try it on a PC to know for sure, but it was pretty darn good performance for a vacation gaming system.

I’m looking forward to finding out what’s been going on in Eve, and to log in to see my Weapons Upgrades V ready to complete. Damn, it’s nice to go away for 8 days and still have a major milestone in the game completing when I return. Hopefully I’ll get some time this week to finally take my battlecruiser out for some level 3 missions…unless we’ve been wardecced again.


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  1. “I want a passive setting, where they wouldn’t attack unless I specifically tell them to attack.”

    This very thing should be coming in Trinity in a few weeks. At least, all us drone users are hoping that’s what the new passive setting will actually do. Reports from the test server are a little unclear as to what the new passive setting *actually* does.

    Also, your line about heading to Jita in a pod is classic.

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