Eve Online on a Mac

There’s a reason I haven’t posted in a week. I was playing Eve on my PC at home, and I pulled a level 2 mission called The Blockade. I’ve run this before (at work) where I’ve got a thoroughbred PC. My home system is o-l-d old, and I’ve gotten used to running missions in Eve despite the lag.

Well, The Blockade ate my machine alive. I locked up for a solid minute while it figured out where to put all the shiny enemy ships and how to draw all the explosions impacting my ship. When my PC finally inhaled and decided it could start working again, I was halfway through armor. Getting aligned and warping out took me into structure.

I have a 17″ MacBook Pro, and I’ve been hoping for a native Eve client for OS X. Since it’s pretty clear I’ve run out of time to wait, I decided to give Boot Camp a try. I didn’t have much on the MacBook that I couldn’t lose, so I backed up some files and started the install.

First thing that’s cool about Boot Camp: You don’t have to reformat your entire hard drive. I had about 40 gigs of space used on a 100 gig hard drive, and Boot Camp let me use 20 gigs of unused space for the Windows partition. Painless, except it wouldn’t let me format the partition. I got a verification error and Boot Camp suggested I do a Verify and Repair with the Apple Disk Utility. No luck. The next suggestion was to boot from the OS X install disk and run Verify and Repair on the Startup disk. That found a couple “illegal names” which were repaired, and then I could format the Windows partition.

I formatted it as a FAT partition so I could read the Windows files from the Mac side (can’t read Mac from the Windows side, though) and installed XP. You’re prompted to make a driver disk during the Boot Camp install, so I installed those drivers after XP installed. After running Windows Update,  installing antivirus and configuring my wireless connection, I installed Eve.

Gotta say, Eve on the MacBook is a beautiful sight. I like the silvery Apple design anyway, with the thin widescreen display, and Eve looks awesome onscreen. I’d rather be running Eve natively, and I’ll try it as soon as they have a client available, but this will definitely do until then. I think the MacBook Pro is my new gaming machine.

I’ve budgeted for a PC upgrade a couple times in the past year, but the combination of real-life events plus WoW’s forgiving system requirements let me put off the purchase. I think I can put it off for even longer now. My wife has discovered the computer in the last couple years (she’s a total late adopter, we’re polar opposites about technology), so I’ll give her the PC seat and I’ll keep playing on the Mac.

I’m excited, not only because The Blockade runs without a hitch, but because I don’t have to worry about lagging out in fleet operations. Well, not because of MY computer, anyway 🙂

The only thing that’s different about Windows XP on the MacBook Pro seems to be heat. When XP is booted up, it runs way hotter than it does in OS X. That seems to be a known issue, though, so as long as the fan is running and apps aren’t suffering because of the heat, I’ll just make sure I don’t play with the laptop on my lap. That would leave a mark.


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  1. Check out this thread, looks like the mac client is a little more than vapourware

  2. Oh man, I can’t believe they announced that the day after I went on vacation. Just my luck. The signups have closed now.

    I’ll probably leave Boot Camp running anyway. I’ll give the native Eve client a try on the Mac partition when it’s released, but I’m having fun playing PC games on the Mac. It’s a more powerful system than my desktop.

    Thanks for the link, zp. That’s what I get for taking a week off 🙂

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