The Drums of War

So my corporation is abuzz with rumors of war. I can’t speak authoritatively about the subject because I wasn’t directly involved in any of this, but here’s what I surmise so far.

Eve University is primarily a corporation for new players to learn about the game. Classes are offered, we mine, we PvP a bit, we ask a lot of questions and we’re lucky enough to have experienced and dedicated pilots who enjoy helping everyone out. We’re avowedly neutral in our diplomatic dealings…until you mess with us.

Someone had come into high sec space, to our headquarters in Korsiki, and was stealing ore from some of our miners. It happens a lot…bait and switch with cargo containers, stealing ore, all trying to provoke a fight with (hopefully) toothless newbies. Ya know, the same kind of lame PvP bone doods and plate doods that have been around since UO…before UO, I had ’em in the MUD’s I played back in the early 90’s. The same kids that would steal your hat at recess and tease you, and then cry to the teacher when you knocked ’em down and took the hat back.

So, some of the veteran pilots decided that if these folks were messing with us, we’d take the fight to them. A battle or battles occurred, a battleship was lost, and suddenly we had a corporation threatening to declare war.

Let me tell you, there were a hundred screaming newbies in frigates ready to fly to a blazing bloody death in corp chat the last couple days. Still are πŸ™‚ Nothing has happened yet, but it’s a very cool feeling to be threatened and see this kind of mobilization. We’ve got nothing to lose. We get frigates so cheap that the insurance we get upon death is usually more than the ship cost in the first place. We’re learning how to fight, we expect to get blown out of the sky at times….but you’re going to have to work to get all of us. And mixed in with the noob swarm are some seriously deadly pilots.

If you’re a 0.0 corp that maybe has your own problems with seriously experienced predators around your own system, you probably don’t want the inconvenience of the noob swarm. We might be annoying, we might not be able to take out people in straight up fights…but as someone said about Eve, if you’re getting in fair fights, you’re doing it wrong.

Eve can progress at a pretty sedate pace. But it’s times like this, when the future is unpredictable, possibly violent and full of the best and worst of human qualities, that the universe seems more alive than any game I’ve played since DAOC. If you’re playing solo and not even on the periphery of trouble in Eve, you’re missing the heart of the game.

That said, not everyone enjoys the PvP experience. Some of you might be saying that it doesn’t sound like fun, that you want to play without interference from other players. I get that. I felt that way for a long time. It’s changed for me, though, maybe because I’ve found another place where PvP doesn’t mean mindless ganking. PvP matters here. It’s Serious Business. It’s a rush, and I’ve missed this feeling from my days in Hibernia, fending off the evil Albion and Midgard realms. I don’t particularly enjoy solo PvP, but to be in the midst of a community all united to defend our interests…it’s a blast πŸ™‚


One Response

  1. I used to feel the same way about being left alone, but that’s changed over time. When I first started playing, I used to minimize the chat window and basically ignored everyone else. Now, I’m constantly checking corp chat and usually have corp, alliance, local, and often another one or two going at any given time.

    I suspect the Bunny Smugglers (or whatever the heck they’re called) suddenly realized that E-Uni’s not quite the noob shooting gallery they expected us to be. There is indeed power in numbers, especially when those numbers are big and flying cheap ships they’re prepared to lose. πŸ˜‰


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