Did you ever go back to a place where you played when you were a kid? Maybe a kickball field or Little League baseball field? Remember how you feel so big in comparison, like the amount of fun you remember having couldn’t possibly fit into such a little space?

I had to do a little traveling in Eve today, so I fitted out a Slasher, the smallest of the Minmatar frigates. It’s a fragile little ship, with solar panel wings that make it look like a moth flying through space. It’s been a long time since I flew a Slasher. It was the first ship I ever purchased, and I remember barely escaping with my life through many early level 1 missions. When I moved up to a Rifter, I remember feeling like I was so much safer and more powerful.

3 million skills points or so later, I picked out some inexpensive mods for my trip in the Slasher. I had two 150mm autocannons and a NOS fitted high, an afterburner and a warp disruptor in the mid-slots and an overdrive in the low slot. When I was fitting it, I was thinking I might someday use it in our frigate rampages for tackling, which is why the warp disruptor was there. I wasn’t thinking about ratting. I was just using it for a quick taxi ride.

Since I took the time to fit it though, I thought “Well, maybe I should swing through a couple asteroid fields on the way home, just to see what kind of trouble I can find.” I picked an asteroid belt in the Poinen system and warped in to find three Guristas waiting.

It hasn’t been so long since I remember having to run from three rats in a .6 belt. I took a deep breath, hit the afterburner, targeted the first rat and swung into a tight orbit.

Flying a cruiser myself, I’ve learned that it’s a pain in the ass to hit a little frigate that’s orbiting fast and close. I kept my afterburner running, kept the NOS running so I didn’t have any cap problems, and my 150’s chewed up the rats pretty quick. The only thing they could hit me with was rockets, and they never got me past half shields.

I ran through the rest of the Poinen asteroid belts, ripping through ships that used to make me nervous. It was the Eve equivalent of booming homeruns on the old third grade kickball field.

Eve’s not an easy game. It’s not rocket science, but I’ve learned to be a pilot the hard way on plenty of missions, losing ships or being chased out of deadspace with my ship in flames. It was rewarding to feel like I could suddenly survive or thrive in a ship that I used to think was only good for early level 1 missions. Did you ever go back to the orc camps in East Commonlands in Everquest, levels after they were a challenge, and tear ’em up just for some revenge? It felt kinda like that, and it felt good.

It also gives me some confidence that I’ll eventually feel that way with cruisers, which I’m just learning to fly now, then on through the rest of the ships in Eve. Eventually, after lots more explosions and burning ships, I might get the hang of it with more than just a little frigate 🙂


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  1. EVE sounds like an amazing game, but I’m way too intimidated to try it, lol.

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