They’re out to get me

I haven’t had the free time to play games very much over the last week. Between the 4th of July holiday, a big hardware/software upgrade at work and a 7 year-old daughter entranced by me reading The Hobbit, gaming has taken a back seat. Tonight, I sat down to play some Eve, only to find out that the server has fallen and can’t get up. The official forums are also down. I wonder if they’re hosted at the same place where the server farm lives, or if they just crashed from 30,000 people trying to find out why they got dumped out of the game, or if someone at CCP saw the crash and screamed “Jesus, shut down the forums before the flames start!”.

Clearly CCP is conspiring against my available gaming time. They were also out to get me on the one night I had time to run some missions. I was given a mission I’ve never had before. I was supposed to fly out to a ruined mining station clinging to an asteroid to pull the mission objective out of a cargo container. As I got close to the objective, too many ships to fight spawned all at once.

I figured I could tank ’em long enough to get myself to the cargo container, loot it and warp out. And I was right, except I picked a warp point that was on the other side of the mining structure attached to the asteroid. Instead of warping through the structure, my ship tried to bounce its way through, got stuck and blown up. Oy.

Hindsight being what it is, I should have kited the ships far off the mission point and returned with a superfast frigate fitted with an MWD to race to loot the cargo container. Next time I’ll know. I did outfit another cruiser and take out the spawns, but I had to buy the mission cargo on the market since it got blown up with my ship 🙂

CCP is totally out to get me. It’s obvious, isn’t it?


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