I feel smarter

I was talking to one of my old DAOC guildmates in Eve last night, one of two who are ensconced in 0.0 space. As we were both running missions, he was asking me what I was training, how I was making money, and offering advice.

To make a long story short, he clued me in to better implants available through the Loyalty Points store that went in last patch. I was wearing +1’s and hadn’t though about upgrading because I didn’t have jump clones yet and didn’t want to lose anything valuable when my corp goes to war.

Well, since the +3’s were affordable, I went ahead and picked them up, plugged them in and set about getting my jump clone set up. My corp has an Empire station we can install a clone in, so I finally did my reading and followed all the steps necessary to create a clone. I flew back to HQ, then jumped back to my clone. After the 24 hours is up, I’ll be able to jump back to my new +3’s, and that should help cut my training times. And now I can go to war or travel in 0.0 without worrying about losing anything too valuable. I’m tryin’ not to fly something I can’t afford to replace 🙂

As we were chatting last night, my old guildmate said he enjoys Eve because there’s no grinding. He and I spent many an hour grinding xp in DAOC together, and I really appreciate the way you progress in Eve without feeling like you’re just whittling away at the next level all the time. I can log into Eve and pretty much do whatever seems fun for that evening, and I’m always making progress.

I was struck by the contrasting opinion I got from a friend on The Well, where I do a lot of blabbing about Eve. He tried the 14 day trial and didn’t subscribe afterwards because he said it was “too much like work”. Now, I’m not going to say he’s wrong, because I can kind of see why someone would say that, but after spending some time subscribed, I’m starting to feel exactly the opposite, that there’s much more freedom in Eve than there is in an mmorpg in the EQ/EQ2/WoW model.

What do you folks think? Is Eve too much like work? Or is grinding levels in EQ and WoW more like work? Is this simply a difference between skill-based and level-based games, or is there another dynamic at work? Eve’s skills advancing even when you’re offline frees you to do a lot of other things…does that freedom leave people feeling adrift? Or are the choices in Eve just not as much fun as running quests in a very linear game like WoW?


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