With friends like these…

I found out over the weekend that a couple of friends from my old DAOC guild have been playing Eve for about a year. They’re out in 0.0 space and issued a standing invitation to come join them. Suddenly, the game looks quite different.

Like a lot of people playing Eve, I’m an Empire person. I’ve never been to 0.0, and I’ve only occassionally dipped into low-sec. I just started playing again this month after taking a couple months off, and I just passed the 4 million skill point mark. I’m a serious newcomer, although I’ve got plenty of mmorpg experience.

Assuming they’re still out there in a couple months, I’ll be headed their way. I want to train my skills up enough that I can survive ratting and mining out there. I’m kind of a loner at times in-game (I talk much more on blogs and message boards than I do in-game), and I don’t want to have to depend on the kindness of strangers. If I’m going to join them, I want to be helpful.

They’re in an interesting place, kinda between BoB land to the south and the re-organized north that used to be D2 and Razor territory until they were kicked out by the Mercenary Coalition and others. I’m not sure it’s very safe, but hell, it’s just virtual stuff getting blown up anyway, right? Why not go where the fun is? I enjoy the PvE of Empire, but I know there’s a lot more that’s good about Eve that I’ll never experience in .5 and above.

If anyone’s got advice about making the move, feel free to post in the comments. I’m sure I’ll need all the help I can get 🙂


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  1. Moving to 0.0 space shouldn’t be a problem if, ounce you are there, you’re always flying with corp mates. When traveling from Empire to 0.0 space I always tell new players to travel light – in a shuttle that is. Unless your corp mates can escort you as you travel deeper and deeper into low security country.

    So sell most of what you’ve got then head over to their little home in no man’s land.

    I’m actually doing so myself again after rejoining Phoenix Propulsion Labs after a brief stay in Gallente space.

    Good luck!

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