Slash Random

First post. Well, “first” after I nuked the WordPress generic first post, anyway. Fear me, I am Mod.

I’ve noticed that my replies to other blogs are getting too damn long. If I have that much to say, I should be polite enough not to use up everyone else’s Comment real estate. Nothing breaks up a good Comment thrash like a War and Peace post. I’ll ramble here and let people link to it if they think it’s worth reading instead of Comment-bombing the good people of the gaming blogosphere.

Oh, shoot me, I just said blogosphere. I hereby decree I shall not use that word again in my blog.


2 Responses

  1. Welcome aboard mate. PS I like the stock theme you are using, its very peaceful

  2. Thanks Alaph! Glad you stopped by. I read your blog during my first tour in Eve, but I lost touch because I didn’t use a feed reader back then. I’m using Google Reader now, so I’m adding you and some of of the blogs you linked on 6/23. I don’t have enough good Eve blog feeds, that should help.

    I’ll try to pop in to the OTEP channel in Eve, or at least send you a mail in-game and say hi.

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